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Special thanks to
Ms. Chau Suk Man, Eva
Mr. Cheung Tai Chiu
Mr. Chik Pun Shing
Mr. Chow Ping Wa, Timothy
Mr. Daswani Askhok
Rev. Harold Naylor, S. J.
Mr. Ho Fu Kuen Percival
Mr. Koo Siu Chin
Mr. Kwok Siu Tong
Mr. Lai Ping Sun
Mr. Lam Wing Hung Alan
Mrs. Fanny Law
Mr. Lee Hang Kin David
Mr. Leung Chi Kit
Mr. Leung Kwok Yee, David
Mr. Leung Shek Fai, Jimmy
Mr. Lui Siu Lun Alan
Mr. She Mang
Mr. So Chung Ping, Norman
Mr. So Kwan Wong, Gary
Mr. Tat Yan Gary
Mr. Wong Wai Leung
Ms. Wu Po Ling
Rev. George Zee, S. J.

Education Department
Education and Manpower Bureau
Hong Kong Professional Teacher's Union
Wah Yan College, Kowloon Past Students' Association
The writing of the following contributors is featured in this volume
Mr. Hau Kit Tai
Mr. Ho Fu Kuen Percival
Mr. Leung Wai Keung Richard
Mr. Ng Wai Pui
Mr. Leung Chung Man
Mr. Poon Hoi Luen
Mr. Si Yeung
Mr. Wong Ka Ki

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