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  The History of Student Computer Team
By Kwan Yat Tong, Alvin Leung, Ng Ka Ho, Henry Chan

Some students may have queries over the term SCT. In fact this organization has served us for almost 3 years. Our school web site and our E-mail accounts at the school server are maintained by the members of SCT. Their work covers nearly every aspect concerning computers. The term SCT was first used in 1998. At that time our school participated in the IT Pilot School Scheme and was encouraged to set up the organization.

When we come to the history of SCT, we should talk about its former bodies. In 1995, our alumnus Jimmy Leung set up a similar organization called Student Computer Operation and Service Team (SCOST). His aim was to computerize our school campus. The team had over 20 team members and was under the guidance of Mr. Y.M. Lee and Mr. W.L. Wong. Its main work was to produce CD Shields. Our first CD Shield was manufactured that year. It was a milestone for our school's development in computers. The computer knowledge of our students was demonstrated through this team. This organization lasted for almost 3 years.

In 1997, as computer application widely spread, the Students?Association (SA) was about to be computerized. A computer committee was proposed to be set up. After a thorough discussion in a Council meeting, SCOST was transformed into an organization under SA. It was renamed as the Computer Operation Unit (COU) and was under the control of Secretariat of SA. There were about ten team members responsible for the computer work of SA. Besides, they also helped in the manufacturing of the CD for the Shield. This organization lasted for a year and was renamed as the SCT in 1998.

Currently, the SCT, which consists of more than 10 members, is an independent organization under the school IT Committee. It not only helps students, but also assists the extra curricular activity clubs by providing free storage spaces for their web sites, mailing lists and a number of other services. Besides, the team also helps to maintain some official web sites such as the web site for the Chinese subject. Their workload has increased a lot. So apart from the ordinary posts remained from the past d irectors and members, many new posts have been added, such as web masters and technical consultants.

Our computer team participated in many exhibitions. When it was still SCOST, the members took part in the ?1st century Classroom Plan? In 1999, SCT also partook in IT exportation organized by Hong Kong Institute of Engineers to promote the use of Linux and Unix at school. The exhibitions were of great success and we received many praises from outsiders.

Until now, the SCT tries their best to devote their time and effort to serve our schoolmates. We should be appreciative towards their contributions to our school.

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