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In the course of producing the present volume of the Shield, we witnessed the birth of a new century and China's winning her bid to hold the 2008 Olympic Games. Let us hope that these events serve to goad all of us to work for a better future and to build a stronger nation.

The love of one’s country and the world in general begins with the love of oneself, one’s family, one’s friends and one’s school. The latter is fully illustrated in this issue of the School Magazine. It is my pleasure to present this book to our students, their parents, their friends and other readers. It is hoped that those who experienced life in Wah Yan will recall the love and care they gave and took, and that more casual readers will be touched by the spirit of the Gospel which pervades the following pages.

I wish to congratulate Chan Yuk Lung for having exercised good leadership in coordinating a collaborative job. I wish to thank all the teachers and students who have contributed to the success; and the diligent workers of the computing team are particularly praiseworthy. Cooperation and mutual support have been the main themes of the school for the academic year that passed. Every step in the production of the Shield embodies these themes.

Norman So

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