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  Interview with Miss Eva Chau
By Chong Hin Wang

Miss Eva Chau will be the assistant principal in the coming school year, after the retirement of our present assistant principal, Mr. Damien Yue. Miss Eva Chau is going to be the first lady working in the assistant principals' office. Also, it is known that Miss Chau is a kind and generous teacher who pays very much effort on schoolwork.

Our reporter had had a nice interview with Miss Chau asking her about her duties in the coming academic year. Miss Chau spoke with humility, saying that administrative work is never easy, even if we try to classify it. It has been a very big job. As we all know, Miss Chau is an experienced English teacher. When she was asked whether she will give up her current teaching affairs or not, she claimed that she will keep on teaching English classes. Yet, she has to operate other duties, she said that she will play the two roles at the same time as she loves teaching Wahyanites very much.

Miss Chau told Henri that she entered Wah Yan in 1987. Informing her of the difference between the Wahyanites in old days and the current, she smiled and said nowadays Wahyanites are not as active as their seniors. It is due to the change in the direction of the whole society, the change in the mode of thinking, and fewer catholics in each form. The change in the concept of value of teenagers has been a key factor as well. Also, our school promotes all-round education and never forces her students to do anything. As a result, our school's public exam result and the result of certain inter-school competitions are comparatively worse than the others. Moreover, Miss Chau appreciates the open mind of Wah Yan. The atmosphere is warm and encouraging.

Miss Chau mentioned that the standard of language of Wahyanites are not bad. However, boys love sciences more, therefore, as to follow the trend, the school authorities managed the class streaming in a special way that she set four science classes. Only one Arts class is available. Miss Chau is not quite satisfied with the exam results of the students in recent years. She complimented that Wahyanites still have rooms to improve their language skills.

Miss Chau is a catholic. Being a catholic, she knows that it is always wrong to force a student to believe in God. What Wah Yan can do is to sow the seeds into our souls. Love is inside our heart. We can touch one's heart if we have love as love is the foundation of catholic belief. Miss Chau kept on having the feedbacks from her students, seeing them growing with knowledge made her cherish the relationship between them.

Miss Chau would like to tell us that Wah Yan Spirit is to stand our minds strong and to fight for and to cherish what we want and what we deserve to own. She wanted Wahyanites to be men for and with others. This is what she called Wah Yan Spirit.

Now, the spirit may help her overcome the pressure of the coming schoolwork. It is our pleasure to have such a good teacher and a hard-working assistant principal.

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