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  Interview with Mrs. Gregory
By Kwan Iat Tong

Every year, some teachers leave and some new teachers come to join us. In this academic year, we are glad to have Ms Philomena Gregory as one of our new teachers.

Ms Gregory is an Indian; she was born and brought up in India. She also received her education in India. She lived in Cochin, a city in the Kerela State in southern India. She graduated in a Canossian College and then entered the University of Kerela. In the university, she studied English Language and English Literature. She acquired her bachelor's, as well as her master's degree of art. In 1990, she obtained a Post-graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Hong Kong.

In the interview, Ms Gregory informed us that the education system in India was quite similar to that in Hong Kong. English was used as the medium of teaching in the school she studied and there are Malayalam medium schools as well. In her days at school, everyone had to speak in English no matter during lessons or play, otherwise, one would receive punishments.

In fact, Ms Gregory has been a teacher in Hong Kong since 1974. In

1998, unfortunately, she resigned due to a health problem. But after receiving a successful heart surgery and having a 2-year break, she recovered and returned to work. She decided to join our great family, Wah Yan College. Most importantly, she loves passing knowledge to others and she really enjoys her career -- teaching.

Ms Gregory has been teaching in a boys' school for nearly twenty years. Therefore, when she came to Wah Yan, she did not feel any awkwardess with boys. She finds that Wah Yan boys are quite similar to their counterparts in other boys' schools.

As for the impression of Wah Yan, she feels that the campus is really a natural world. There are many plants. Fresh air is abundant. This kind of campus cannot be found in other schools easily.

When we asked for some advice, she brought out the importance of time management. It is important to divide our time appropriately. Time should be divided for learning, playing, resting and so on. She also advised us to spend ten to fifteen minutes in silence every day, without working, reading or doing anything else, just relax. It is important to our body, our mind and our spirit.

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