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  Interview with Mr. Damien Yue
By Julius Yu

Mr. Damien Yue, our assistant principal, is going to retire next year. Mr. Yue has been teaching in Wah Yan for 37 years since 1963. We have great honour to invite him to share his feeling and comment about Wah Yan.

At Mr. Yue's time, the way of study was much simpler. Besides studying, there were just a few clubs concerning academic subjects other than debates, Dramas and Scouts. However, studies nowadays are rich in variety. Such a difference may due to the change of living environment, learning atmosphere, methods of studies, the new attractions and inventions. Concerning the absenteeism of the higher-form students, Mr. Yue said that there were not so many extra-curricular activities so that the rate of absenteeism was not high.

Regarding his work, Mr. Yue admitted that he felt uncomfortable when he first handled the work. Students claimed that being a Assistant Principal would be hard going as he had to take the discipline patrolling job. Later, some tasks were diverted to other teachers, where his workload was somehow lightened.

In his life of teaching in Wah Yan, he discovered some distinct characteristics of Wahyanites. "They have a kind of genuine, pure goodness and they carry a simple life." Mr. Yue claimed.

One example was the "Yam Society", which appeared two years ago. Some people named the foolish as "Yam-headed", like some Wahyanites. However, this is some kind of characteristics of our students-be true to people and live in a simple way.

Then should Wahyanites improve anything?

Mr. Yue thought that they have been quite good and they need not change much. Nevertheless, a few of them, by some reasons, lose the origin of the genuine mind. About the manner towards people, it still needs improvement; some even do not apologize after doing wrong things. There may be some room of improvement.

Mr. Yue asserted that freedom is not suitable for immature ones. Freedom does not mean loosing. One cannot have real benefit from freedom unless he has his own discipline and self-control. Misuse of freedom can cause unrecoverable hurts to students.

With regard to his colleagues in Wah Yan, Mr. Yue commented on them as hardworking teachers and be responsible for students. They have done many things beyond student's sight, no matter in studies or mental development. When we asked about his prospect after the retirement, Mr. Yue said that he will not continue teaching in order to cherish more free time. He is willing to help students to deal with their phonetic problems and their logical thinking.

As Mr. Yue is going to pass his work to Miss Eva Chau, our new Assistant Principal, he expects that she would probably have a new style of management. He looks forward to new breakthroughs and enhancements in students to create a better and new Wah Yan!

Here, he addressed that Wah Yan has provided Wahyanites a pleasant atmosphere to learn and enjoy their school life. He hoped the old boys can come back to school while Wahyanites can pass and reserve the custom and tradition of Wah Yan. Handed down one-by-one, Wah Yan Spirit will always retain by generations.

We express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Yue, for his tremendous and whole-hearted effort to Wah Yan and all the Wahyanites. We wish him have a good life after retirement and keep in contact with Wah Yan.

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