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  • To form students who are aware of God as the Father of all and who thus sees all men as their brothers, giving them at the same time the opportunity to know Christ. To help those who already believe in Christ come to deeper appreciation of their faith.

  • To build a school community in which teachers, students and non-teaching staff would have a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation.

  • To develop m our students a desire to work for a just society, and to teach them to be generous in placing their knowledge and competence at the service of others, particularly the disadvantaged.

  • To give our students a solid moral formation which will enable them to lead their lives in accordance with sound principles.

  • To encourage our students to be independent-minded in their search for knowledge, while being open to learn from the opinions of others.

  • To foster the emotional development of our students, there by helping them to appreciate their abilities as well as their limitations, and to get on well with others.

  • To encourage a knowledge and appreciation of the students' own culture, as wel1 as the ability to express themselves both in Chinese and English with correctness, clarity and even elegance.

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