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  Time Machine 2
By Vincent Siu (Awards for Literature English Junior Group Champion)

I am an inventor. Although my inventions have not done any significant help to the world, my latest one is a thing that everyone has wanted to have. It is a time machine. It is a box with one button and one lever. I have used every kind of material, scientific knowledge and experience to produce this object. I have tried out this time machine already, and I am going to tell you what I have experienced in the past and future world.

Everyone wanted to know what the future would be like, as there are books about the past, according to the fossils and things we have found from the past. Despite the fact that there are books about the future, no one can predict the future accurately. So, I decided to go to the future first.

After reaching the future world in 2100 AD, I saw a nuclear war. Armies and navies from all over the world were using all sorts of nuclear weapons in the war, such as nuclear bombs, atomic laser guns and so on. The general saw me as an intruder, and I was nearly killed by that stupid man. However, as I went on into 3050 AD, I realized that I had made the right choice to go to the future. Peace was restored, and there were 500-storey buildings, flying cars, automatic people movers, high-tech robots and the like. Impressive! One robot policeman even took me around the world! When I got bored of peaceful life in 3050, I decided I wanted to go back to the past.

First I went back to the present, year 2000 AD. Overcome by the excitement, I pulled the lever too far back, and I reached 30000000 BC. There was a sudden drop, and I was yanked onto the rainforest floor.

Something caught my eye. It was a dinosaur! I saw that the paleontologists were rubbish. Some colored, snake-like dinosaur skin. They were completely wrong! The dinosaurs' skin was like a chameleon's. It could change color! All of a sudden, the herd of dinosaurs rampaged in terror. There was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, chasing them! Just as I was pitying them, the T-Rex changed course and charged for me. I was horrified. Why would it chase me? I'm so small! Everyone would want to have a big dinner! Just then, I tripped on a huge tree root and fell into a pool of mud. I realized in horror that I had accidentally let go of the time machine when I was falling. The T-Rex was chomping the mud, and once it almost got hold of my leg. When it opened its mouth, I saw that the time machine was inside it. I jumped into the smelly jaws (I think that stupid T-Rex would have thought that I had committed suicide). I quickly punched the button, and off I zoomed into the future. When the dial read 1800 AD, I slowed down the machine. At 2000 AD, I stopped the machine in time to land in my laboratory with a loud 'THUD'. The T-Rex's mouth actually became my kitchen in the future!

Although I have made many scientific discoveries with my time machine, the escape from time has been pure luck this time.

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