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  Speech Day
By Chong Hin Wang

Seeing a big banner hung on the stage, on which were the words "Speech Day 2000", we all knew that the Annual Speech Day had come. It is the biggest honour to be present on the Day. No matter you are a graduate or a prize winner, all showed great enthusiasm and cheerfulness on the day.

Choristers and orchestra members show high spirit. To Fathers and teachers, it was the Day to reap their harvest of their great efforts which made the past academic year a fruitful and meaningful one.

The weather was pretty fine on that day. Guests, teachers, parents, and students gathered out along the corridor, taking pictures in the hue of azure in Wah Yan, and appreciating the delicious refreshments served in the tea party. They chatted very happily together which gave zest to the atmosphere of the night. The graduation ceremony started at six. Prefects distributed the program booklets while all the people entered the school hall and took their seat. All the students were anxious for the beginning of the ceremony. The Student Computer Team started preparing their equipments to record the whole remarkable and memorable ceremony.

All people in the hall were surprised by the colourful background of the stage, the painting of a panoramic view of Wah Yan! It brought the feeling of bliss to everyone in the hall. Mr. Yue Poon Leung, our School Assisstant principal, delivered his speech as the opening of the ceremony. On the night, we had a past student as a guest, Professer Kwok Siu Tong, the Dean of Arts Faculty of Chinese University of HK, delivered his speech on his life in Wah Yan. Soon after, Mr. Norman So, our School Principal, was delighted to announce the management and the administration of our school had been in good order. Mr. So thanked all teachers who took their greatest effort in improving our school. Applause followed shattered the silence. Mr. So then proceeded to present two special prizes to two members of the senior staff of Wah Yan, who had been supporting the school for long time. They were Mr. Francis Kong and Mr. Ngo Pui Kau. The scene was touching. Everyone gave a standing ovation to show their greatest respect to both of them. The spirit was so high that the deafening applause lasted for more than five minutes.

Prizes were presented to all graduates and prize winners. What was the next was the announcement of the result of the student ambassador this year who would represent Wah Yan to PSA meetings. Out of the three students, Chan Yuk Lung 6SS, Tat Yan 6S and Wu Chun Cheung 6S, Chan Yuk Lung was selected to the PSA to participate in ambassador's work.

Following that, Mr. So presented souvenirs to Mr. and Mrs Kwok. Vote of thanks by Tat Yan, the President of the Student's Association this year, was given. He congratulated the graduates and praised our school for her teaching of self-reliance and self-discipline besides the achievements of extra-curricular activities and academic excellence. He also wished Wah Yan had a more brilliant future.

After the vote of thanks, the orchestras and the choir made melodious and harmonious music culminating with the School Hymn. The joy would never diminish and remain in everyone's heart.

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