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  Caritas Bazaar
By Henry Chan Wing Hang

It has long been our tradition participating in the Caritas Bazaar (Kowloon District) every year. In the past decades, it has become one of the major community events for our school to contribute to the society. For many years, Wahyanites have actively participated in the Bazaar, and this year is no exception.

The organizing Committee, consisted mainly Form 6 students, was formed in mid-September. When the preparations started, many problems existed. Fortunely, with the help of advisors and past-students, we could overcome them with efforts contributeions by every exco member. Although publicity was less effective than the past few years, but we could still attract many students to participate in this meaningful event. Besides, several organizations, including the Parents' Association also sponsored the Bazaar. Together with our students' hard-work, the school was well-prepared for this event.

On the day before the event, we arrived at the venue, located at Fa Hui playground. We worked hard together, setting and decorating the games and stalls. Not till mid-night had we finished the final procedure for the functions. Of particular importance and long tradition of our school involvement in the Bazzar is the "Hammer-higher-higher-up!". It is a great challenge for guests to summon up their strength to hammer one of the seesaw. By pounding on a weight placed on the other end of the seesaw the balloon was pinched and fastened on the top of the twenty-foot steel frame.

During the Bazaar, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the fifth of November, 2000, students were busy in managing the games stall in order to attract visitors. We were graced by the presence of Mr Donald Tsang, the Financial Secretary of HKSAR, as the first guest of our stall. As the member of the Past Students' Association, he wished us a great success in the event; this also could be used to describe the result of the Caritas Bazaar this year.

Due to the hard-work of the students, the active organizing committee and the generous support from visitors, our school has contributed a lot to the Caritas annual fund-raising event. The ability of our students will definitely leave a remarkable image to both the visitors and guests of the functions. Credits should be given to them all, and may I wish the Bazaar every success in the coming year.

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