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  The Big Brother Scheme
By Hackman Chan

The Big Brother Scheme--have you ever heard of it in Wah Yan? This is the second year for the scheme. Many of us may not know much about the scheme because there was no such scheme when we were in Form 1. The scheme is launched to help our newcomers to get accustomed to the secondary school life. Basically, senior students will help them be more familiar with the atmosphere of Wah Yan and help them to solve difficulties and confusions in their school life. However, tuition is not taken as a part of the scheme. In other words, the scheme is to help newcomers to prepare themselves for the new environment.

As we all know, there is a great difference between primary and secondary school; especially in Wah Yan, many may feel awkward and may need help. They may go to their tutorial teachers; however, the teachers are not always available. Therefore the "big brothers" are alternatives.

Game day

Each big brother will take care of two newcomers. They will meet up at least once a month, but before the big brothers know which two newcomers they have to take care of, they let the newcomers choose whether they want to join or not.

The first stop of the scheme is the Game Day. It serves as a promotion of the scheme but this is not the major reason of holding it. Instead, it is to help every one to become friends as many may come from different primary schools. By such games, harmony and the spirit of the school were evinced.

Everything was set and ready to go. The big brothers, including me, sat down and waited for them in the school hall. When we saw them entering the school hall, they seemed to be nervous. They might be puzzled, "Why are these guys here?" "Are they going to bully us?" Not until we told them to take a seat, they were standing and staring at each other. This was only the beginning, there was more to come...

The games were based on the following principles: cooperation, communication and understanding of each other. The games might be familiar to them, but this was not important. The significance of these games was to show them that Wah Yan is not a horrifying place; it is a place to learn together, that's why we first provided them fun.

We played all the games which we had planned, with them. It was very surprising that they wanted more. Everyone was having a very good time, including the big brothers. Everyone was focused, they discussed matters with each other and asked for our advice. We were playing as a team. They showed their enthusiasm and we helped them break through the wall of fear: secondary school life. The hall was full of joy and excitement, and the situation was remarkably under control. These newcomers were well behaved, but of course there were exceptions. Yet, no harm done, this proved that they loved it. Not just that, it brought us back to the good old days. Their query was not a query. Seniors should not bully the young but should care about them. We are a family in the school and seniors should always set a good example to the young. "Man for others" is the key. The Game Day was amazing and it inspired us to do more. It drove us and the young Wahyanites to look forward to our next task. As we saw them leave, everyone became a little child again, they were running around with joy and energy. It seemed that they already have brought a sparkling and prosperous future to Wah Yan. We wish them good luck and I hope they will remember the first turning point of their life.


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