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By Hamlet Chu, President

Before the passage captures your eyes, I, on behalf of all our members, must express my deepest gratitude to our advisers. I would like to extend my grateful thanks to our principal, Mr. Norman So, the two Assistant Principals, Mr. Damien Yu and Mr. Leung Wai Kwong, for their generous advice and support. I would also like to thank Ms. Hwong Yen Fang and Mr. Gary So, our beloved teacher advisors, for giving us the valuable ideas and encouragement. Without their enthusiasm and advice, wahyanites could never find the meaning of music in Wah Yan.

Music Association was established in 1978. The Association, in its 23-year history, has been aiming at promoting and arousing students' interest in vocal, instrumental and theoretical music as well as drama by organizing and supporting activities of music and performing arts of interest to students. Unlike interest clubs and societies of Wah Yan, the Music Association is independent of the Students' Association and is directly subsidized by the school authorities. With the recent affiliation of the Pop Music Society and the Performing Arts Society, Music Association now consists of totally 8 constituents, namely Senior Choir, Intermediate Choir, Junior Choir, Chinese Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band and two societies mentioned above.

Something new came to the Association this year. Activity plan was regenerated which was fully decided to fulfill our aim - promoting and arousing student's interest in all kinds of music. The first new thing was 'Lunchtime Music Share', a series of lunchtime performance. With the help of Choirs, Chinese Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band and Pop Music Society, the activity was regularly held in every month. Music is always brimmed over the corridor!

In order to draw the talented students, regardless of their instrumental or vocal skills, into the Choirs and Orchestras, Centralized Selection Scheme, a familiar name from Student Association, was first introduced to Music Association. Following the lingering music atmosphere, the selection was held in late May. Numbers of students were recruited as the members of Choirs and Orchestras for next academic year.

Once becoming the members of Music Association, they will gain our proved benefits. The most invaluable one is, no doubt, the chance of performance. We provided them opportunities such as Speech Day, Mini-Concert and the Annual Concert. Had the members performed under the presence of pressure and our encouragement, they gave a better performance time after time, from which the magic of the cumulated experience was thoroughly revealed.

To somebody, music may not be strong enough to hold their hearts, but to the advisors, members and myself, music does mean the way of life. We are privileged by the presence of Music Association in Wah Yan. It offers us chances to promote music and share our joys brought by music to all of the students. Besides the advisors who I have thanked, here I wish to thank the executives of the Association, especially my partners Ho Lick Hang and Leung Lap Kok, for their painstaking efforts to make the Association a success.

Wish the Association every success in the coming years.

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