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By Tsang Wai Ting Louis, Chairman

Since 1983, arousing Wahyanities interest in traditional Chinese music has become the aim of the Chinese Orchestra. The aim has not been changed throughout the years. This will be our goal in future. The Executive committee was formed in the late September, followed by the annual activities. There was a big challenge in November. The Orchestra had three performances within one week. The first one was the Lunchtime Music Share on 20th November. Later in the week, 24th November was the speech Day. As usual we presented a performance at that night. This year we invited our graduated members to perform together. The piece presented was 山 村 的 回 憶. On the next day we performed two songs to Japanese guests invited by Fr. Naylor. We were not asked to perform until the Monday of that week. The performance was to be prepared in five days. In addition there were two performances in that week. It was really a great challenge to us. At last all the performances were over and we told ourselves, 'We have done it!'

After the Christmas Examinations we resumed the practices for the preparation of the Music Festival in late February. We took part in the class for Chinese orchestras (15-30 participants) in which we are going to perform 畫 眉 跳 架. Although we performed to the best we could during the competition, we won no prizes at all. We were disappointed that we could not win the champion among 29 candidates.

After the Music Festival, there was a performance on the Family Day in early April and another performance in late April which was presented for the promotion of the Annual Concert in City Hall. Since the concert was the last performance in this year, we practised more than usual. Graduated members were also invited to perform. All of the three pieces presented(大 寨 紅 花 遍 地 開 , 弓 舞 , 水 庫 引 來 金 鳳 凰) were praised by the audience. Our effort was not wasted.

This year was not a successful year by comparing with the last few years. However the goal of promotion of Chinese traditional music was achieved. We would like to express our gratitude to our conductor Mr. Lo Wai Leung, member of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. He guided us to grow. It is rare for a person to work in the same position for more than a decade. It is truly great.

Finally, on behalf of our members, I would like to thank for the advice of Principal Mr. So Chung Ping Norman and Ms. Hwang Yen Fang. Their support helped the Chinese Orchestra a lot. I hoped all of you would enjoy yourselves in Chinese Traditional Music. It is a present given by our ancestor.

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