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By Lei Yuk Man, Kevin, Chairman

In the previous years, there was a branch from the Western Orchestra, called Wind Band. It is an organization which requires the sense of unity and belonging. The aim of Wind Band is to provide students who play wind instrument with opportunity to show their musical talents through the performance. I still remember that Wind Band has only a short history of five years. In the first term of this academic year, Wind Band only has about 12 members. Fortunately, under the support of our advisor, Miss Hwong Yen Fang, the total number of members was largely increased to about 30.

The election of the Wind band Executive Committee was held in early-October. All posts were elected by the members. This year, clarinet, Flute, trumpet and trombone are the strongest parts in the Wind Band. Each part has at least six members. But, unfortunately, there was no player in Oboe, saxophone and Tuba.

We started our regular practice every Monday after school, with the help of our band conductors Mr. Li Ping Hung and Mr. Wong Kin. Every Year, we have a performance on Speech day but this year, Wind Band didn't have its own performance. Nevertheless Wind Band made its appearance when playing the School Hymn with the School Choir and the String Orchestra.

Due to the insufficient number of brass and percussion players, we felt sorry that we could not participate in any contest in the Music Festival. I hope Wind Band can win some prize in the future. The greatest problem of our Wind Band is the lack of percussion instrument. A band requires a lot of musical instrument. We hope to get more subsidies from the school. This can benefit both our students and the school.

After the performance with Choirs and String Orchestra in the Speech Day, we were glad to join the Wind Band of Canossa College to give performance at the Joint School Music Concert at the end of the Music week. That night, we had performed 3 musical pieces including "The Lord of the Dance", "Pachelbel Canon" and a traditional Japanese song,"Tsu ba sha O Kudasi". The first time of performance in the City Hall made us quite nervous. Anyway, we gained much experience after this performance.

Let's have a conclusion for this year's activities, we didn't join any competition. We knew that we had not enough the sense of unity because there are too many lower form students in our Wind Band. I am sure that if we can co-operate well and be willing to spend our time on the Wind Band, we can do better in the forthcoming years and get the prize for the school.

On behalf of Wind Band, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude to our principal, Mr. Norman So, our conductors, Mr. Li Ping Hung and Mr. Wong Kin and our advisor, Miss Hwong Yen Fang. Special thanks should be given to the ex-chairmen of Wind Band, Ho Lick Hang and Law Hiu Fai who shared their valuable experience to me for handling the Wind Band and others who helped running the Wind Band. The saying, "Once a Wind Band member, a Wind Band member for life" is the best to describe our relationship between the members and the Wind Band. I hope that every member would enjoy the time in Wind Band.

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