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By Tang Hoi Chung, Chairman

The Junior Choir was formed in September 1991 by Mr. Joe Chan who entered Wah Yah College that year. We have about eighty members this year (2000-2001). Most of them are F.1 and F.2 boys. Our teacher advisor is Ms. Hwong Yen Fong and our conductor is Mr. Yiu Yun Kwan, David.

In September, Ms.Hwong recruited new members who had potential in singing. During the first few weeks, we were taught how to sing correctly. Under the guidance of Ms. Hwong and Mr. Yiu, our singing technique had been greatly improved. Then, we started to practise for the full choir performance on the annual Speech Day. We had a new song, "Those were the days" to perform. I, and two other members-Lee Ho Yin and Tang Chung Man were chosen to sing in the solo part of this song. This successful performance made us more confident to ourselves.

After the Christmas Holiday, we started to practise the two songs we had to compete in our part, "Secondary School Choir, Boys-Junior" in the Music Festival. The two songs are "Walk On" and "Let Me Fly". "Walk On", the set piece, has beautiful melodies and lyrics with a slow tempo. It tells people not to give up, no matter how hard and challenging it is, just walk on. " Let Me Fly" was our own choice, which is a relaxing song with lively tempo and spirited emotion.

2nd March was the day for our competition. Under the guidance of our conductor Mr. Yiu, we were well prepared. Finally, we went to Good Hope School where the competition was held. We got 84 marks. Though we all tried our best, we lost in the competition. On 28th of April, we had a performance for "Our Concert 2001". In the concert, we had sung two songs-"This Is My Father's World" and "Let Me Fly". "Let Me Fly" is our chosen piece for the Music Festival. "This Is My Father's World" is written by Jack Noble White. It is a two-part song with a flute solo. The song has a tempo not too fast with fabulous arrangement. The song is graceful and gentle, praising the beauty of our world, as well as the greatness of the Lord. The concert was very successful and we enjoyed it so much.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest thanks to people who support us. First and foremost, I would like to thank Ms. Hwong and Mr. Yiu for all their support and their invaluable advice.The vice-chairman, Chan Yin Yat, and our pianist, Kwok Chi Yeung, thanks for helping me so much. Our Music Association President, Hamlet Chu, thanks for all your support and trusting us. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all our members. Thanks for spending so much time for the choir. Just believe in yourselves and try your best, then you can do everything.

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