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  Intermediate Choir
By Leung Chin Man, Chairman

The intermediate choir was established in 1952. It had brilliant results in the Schools Music Festival in the 70's and 80's. However, our standard was declining since the late 90's.

Fortunately, this year was the turning point of our intermediate choir, in which we had a big improvement and got a good result in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. The chairman and the vice chairman for this academic year were appointed in May 2000. This year, the intermediate choir consists of 40 members, who are mainly from Forms 3 and 4. We had the first performance on 1st July, 2000, the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, when we were invited to sing the National Anthem together with the choir from Good Hope School in the flag raising ceremony.

This year, we joined totally 4 sections in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, namely, intermediate boys' choir singing in Chinese, intermediate boys' choir singing in foreign language, intermediate mixed choir singing in Chinese and intermediate mixed choir singing in foreign language. Ordinary practices started from October. We held 3 practices during the lunch period each week. However, the attendance was quite unsatisfactory and our progress was slow. Not until February did we start to practise properly with a satisfactory attendance every rehearsal. We mainly practised the 4 songs for the boys' section in the rehearsals.

This year, we were honoured to join the choir from Good Hope School to form an intermediate mixed choir. To say the truth, we did not sing very well at the beginning of this year and most of us were below the standard. However, with the guidance of Mrs. Daisy Tai and Miss Cindy Wong from Good Hope School and long-term hard training, we improved a lot not only in singing technique but also in discipline this year. Before the Music Festival, we joined the Senior Choir and Junior Choir to perform the "Those were the days" in the annual Speech Day. The performance was quite good and the guests appreciated it very much. We joined Good Hope School in the Music Camp during the Christmas Holiday. Mr. William Weinert, a renowned professor in the Eastmond School of Music, was invited to teach us some singing technique. We performed some pieces such as the "Hallelujah Chorus' and "Gloria" at the end of the Music Camp. Both our singing technique and musicianship were improved a lot after the camp. As we were aware that the Music Festival was looming, we held our practices nearly everyday from mid-February. Through the numerous rehearsals, we developed the true Wah Yan spirit that was long lost in the intermediate choir.

Although most of us were quite weary, we still tried harder and harder, aiming at recovering the championship that had left Wah Yan for years. March arrived, our first competition, which was the intermediate boys' choir singing in foreign language, came on 2/3 in Good Hope School. The set piece was "Viva Tutti" in Italian whereas our own choice was "The boatman's dance". Our performance was quite good and we were only 1 mark behind the champion. The adjudicator said that we must pay attention to our tuning. Therefore, we practised very hard after the competition to correct our problem. Our second competition came three days later, which was the intermediate mixed choir singing in foreign language with Good Hope School. We sang perfectly in our set piece "As torrents in summer" and we showed a big contrast in style in our own choice "keep your lamps". However, we only managed to get the first runner-up again. Losing in two consecutive competitions did not mean losing our hope.

Instead of being discouraged, we practised harder and harder for the remaining two competitions which would be held on the same day. Two days later, we set forth for the City Hall for the final battles, which were the intermediate choir singing in Chinese and intermediate boys' choir singing in Chinese. We were honoured to have Mr. Timmy Tsang as our guest pianist in the mixed choir section. We presented our two pieces " 青 春 圓 舞 曲" and " 寒 夜" brilliantly and perfectly and our voices were well balanced. Therefore, we were awarded the first place with 94 marks! This was our first championship since 1997! However, we only managed to get the third place in the next competition, which was the boys' choir singing in Chinese. The two pieces were " 我 和 我 的 祖 國" and " 庫 斯 克 油 車". This was due to our lack of practice at the beginning of this school year. Nevertheless, our result this year is definitely the best in recent years. As we were the champion of the intermediate mixed choir singing in Chinese, we entered the Choirs final with Good Hope School on 17/3, facing three other mixed choirs. Although we did not come first, we gained much experiences from the competition. We are all satisfied with this year's result.

Apart from the encouraging result of the intermediate choir, some members also did well in the solo competition in the music festival. We captured the first two places in the Tenor solo competition. Moreover, Henri Chong of 4Y entered the Solos Final and captured the championship for Baritone Solo. After the Schools Music Festival came the annual concert of our school on 28/4. We again joined the GHS choir to sing some pieces. Besides, we joined the Senior Choir to perform " 大 江 東 去" and " 黑 霧" in the merged boys' choir. We were honoured to have Mr. Lee Tak Kwan, our formed music teacher, to conduct us in this event Last but not the least, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to Good Hope School, especially Mrs. Daisy Tai, Miss Cindy Wong, Mr. Bastian Tai and Mr. Timmy Tsang for their invaluable guidance and advice. Thanks must also be given to Mr. Gary So, our conductor. Moreover, I would like to thank Miss Hwong and Mr. David Yiu for their indispensable support and help. Also, I must thank Henri Chong, the former chairman, who resigned in May with private excuse. Lastly, may I also thank all the choir members for their support and participation in this year's activities. Without your support, we could not have done such a good work this year.

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