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By Tai Wing Sum, Winson, Chairman

While you are reading this essay, it has become part of the memory of the Senior Choir. And I hope this piece of annual report can be one of the recollections of every choir members.

The Senior Choir of this academic year was established in the mid September last year. Like previous years, the shortage of members was the greatest challenge we have to face. The problem this year was extremely serious. Since there were only several sixth former choir members, we were forced to recruit members from form 7 students as well as from the intermediate choir. As many of them were new, inexperienced members, we concerned about their quality very much. However, the concern was proved to be unnecessary by their outstanding performances.

Following the tradition, the Senior Choir was required to give a performance on the Speech day in front of the guests. We therefore formed the full choir with the Intermediate and Junior choir. We sang a famous pop song "Those Were The Days" which was arranged for the choir. The atmosphere was so nice that the audience felt themselves into the music and clapped the hands in time to the music. We were highly commented by the guests for that night's performance.

After the Speech Day in November, we turned our focus on the competitions in the coming Music Festival. Unlike past years, we decided not to take part in the class of Male Voice (senior choir), but take part in the classes of oratorio and quick-study instead. We formed the Senior Mixed Choir with the senior choir of Good Hope School, our experienced old partner. It was also the first time that we join the choir of Good Hope School since the retirement of our former music teacher, Mr. Lee Tak Kwan and the re-establishment of the Senior Choir. In order to get ourselves prepared for the competions in the Music Festival, lots of practices have been carried out during the school days and also in holidays.

We accepted the invitation of the Good Hope School's Choir to join the choral camp in December which aimed at improving the singing techniques of the choir members of both schools. We were honored to have Professor William Weinert from the Eastman school of music of the United States as our tutor. During the camp, I was glad to see the choir members have obvious improvements and have learnt a lot from the professor. Followed by the choral camp was the New Year concert of Good Hope School, we were again invited by the choir of Good Hope School to give performances with them. This could be treated as the "warm-up exercise" for the Music Festival.

The 53rd Music Festival began in March. The competition of the class of oratorio was held on 9th March. We chose Vivaldi's "Gloria In Execelsis Deo" as our own choice piece. The 80-member-choir sang very well in that competition, our voices are very beautiful, expressive and rich in contents, the phasing and dynamics were pretty good. Though we did a very good job, we could only get the third place. And for the competition of quick-study, we lost. As it was the first time we take part, we have to content ourselves with the result. It was quite regretful and discouraging to the choir members for we had put so much effort in practising, however the results were not too well. Though we were not satisfied with the results, they become the motivation for the choir to work harder and to improve ourselves so as to achieve better results.

Our annual concert was held in the City Hall on 28th April. We invited the choir of Good Hope School to join our concert and again forming the mixed choir and sang our own choice piece of the Music Festival in the concert. Besides, forming the mixed choir, the Senior Choir and the intermediate choir combined together to form a Boys' Choir. The Boys' choir sang two Chinese songs " 黑 霧"and " 大 江 東 去". These two songs were famous to every Wah Yan Students because we won almost every time in the competitions of past Music Festivals when we chose these pieces as our own choice piece. These two songs was conducted by Mr. Lee Tak Kwan on that night and the responses form the audience were extremely good because of Mr. Lee's marvelous conducting.

The Senior Choir was glad to be invited by the government to sing the National Anthem at the forth anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty like past years. It was also our pleasure to receive the invitation of the Hong Kong Institute of education to take part in a fund-raising concert on 8th July at the Cultural Centre. By participating these kinds of performances, I hope our choir members can get more experience and chances for improving and learning.

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to our advisor, Mr. Gary So, the music teachers of Good Hope School, Mrs. Daisy Tai and Miss Cindy Wong for their cordial support and invaluable advice throughout the year. May I also thank the Senior Choir members of Wah Yan College as well as those of Good Hope School for their enthusiasm for music and tireless devotion. I do hope the choir can keep the Wah Yan Spirit forever.

Wish the Senior Choir every success in the future!

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