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  Performing Arts Society
By Cheng Yi Pang, Chairman

Drama has been an indispensable part of Jesuit Education as it helps improve students' eloquence, provides chances for teamwork and enhances personal growth. For this reason, Performing Arts Society has been promoting drama since its foundation.

Our executive committee was formed in October 2000, the members of which have participated in the School Drama Festival 1999-2000. We all had a good time as our seniors gave our first exposure to the art. Today, we want to follow their footsteps, carrying the torch by introducing drama to other Wahyanites.

We entered the annual Schools Drama Festival this year. Though the result was not as satisfactory as last year's, we have developed our style of production and performance.

In order to develop new talents, we held a drama course that taught basic concepts and skills. Fortunately, we had the honor to invite an APA student as the tutor. As a follow-up activity, in early May, an inter-class drama competition was held. The participants enjoyed very much and we discovered some budding actors. This is the most impressing event we have organized so far this year.

A Joint School Drama Camp, organized with Our Lady Of The Rosary College, will be the last event of our society this year. This camp will certainly be a climax and a happy ending to this year's activities.

Here I would like to express my thanks to our principal, Mr. Norman So and our honorable advisors Mr. Kong Chi Kwan Francis and Mr. So Kwan Wong Gary for their advice and guidance. I sincerely hope that the Society will have much brighter years to come.

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