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By Leslie Chow, Chairman

Among the family members of the Music Association, the Pop Music

Society is the youngest one. Coming to the third year after the birth of the society, bearing the mission of the society in mind, we aim to promote modern music other than the classical one. The modern music mentioned previously actually refers to those music styles arose mostly in the twentieth century such as Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Funky and also the Pop and Rock music which are very popular in Hong Kong now.

For most music lovers, modern music is still a hard nut to crack.

However, I think it can not be applied to the teenagers nowadays, they can easily accept the styles and love them too. It's simply because the music around them is mainly with these styles, remember it's twenty first century now. Those who cannot accept the modern music may be because of the recurrent concern about 'noise', 'dissonance', 'tension' and so on that are produced by the modern music. Actually I think it will bring some new sound to our ears and some good feelings that touch our heart too, that's why the Pop Music Society promotes the modern music. Another reason for the dislike of the modern music is because of the bad images people have on a band playing pop music.

In order to correct the above perceptions that some people have on the pop music, the society would like to develop a good atmosphere of pop music inside the school and a correct attitude towards pop music among our schoolmates. However, we had a serious problem to solve this year--the lack of equipment. Without the equipment, it's very difficult to promote pop music inside the school. Luckily Mr. Calvin Leung, a past student from our school, lent us the equipment whenever we need. Therefore we can perform in the Annual Ball, Music Week and in other schools. These performances are very important for helping us to promote pop music in school as well as giving opportunity for students to play pop music.

Other than the performances, a guitar seminar was held in January, the best guitarist of the Carlsberg Pop Music Competition 1989 was invited to be the lecturer in this seminar. Through this seminar, I hope our schoolmates would have a better understanding on playing guitar which is a main instrument in playing pop music. Finally, I would like to express my from-the-heart thanks to Ms. Hwang, Mr. Gary So and Mr. Calvin Leung for their help during this year. I sincerely hope that the society can be fully equipped so that we can promote pop music to every schoolmate in the coming years.

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