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  Our Music, Our Concert
By Hamlet Chu

In the evening of 28th of April, the evening belonged to Wah Yan, our music came to the City Hall.

After the four-month preparation, the Annual Concert of Wah Yan finally came to reality - our dream did come true. Holding a concert at the City Hall was something new to us. However, it is now a glorious history, which was born under the acclaims.

During the two hours and thirty minutes programme, everyone tried very hard to show their talents to our beloved audience. Chinese Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band and Choirs, all of them could draw attentions of the audience. With the excellent speech from two masters of ceremony, the concert was, appealingly, running in a smooth way. Here we must thank our guest performers - students of Canossa College and Good Hope School for making this breakthrough with us.

Nothing is better than watching our efforts turning into success. Without the faithful helps of our every participant, we would never try the taste of success. Thanks must be presented to everyone who had supported to our concert, practically and mentally.

We are the organizers, holding the concert with our own hands.

We are the pioneers, setting an example for our successors to refer to. And, we hope we will be the audience, witnessing the concert of Wah Yan with pleasure, just like what you did on that memorable day.

Same time next year, we believe the Annual Concert would truly become the mark of Wah Yan.

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