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  Athletic Meet
By Yum Kin Chiu

As usual, the 58th Annual Athletic Meet was held at the Hammer Hill Road Stadium on 15th November. It is one of the greatest events in Wah Yan College, Kowloon. Fortunately, the weather was fine which made the event run successfully. Something special about this year was that the events began at 8:00am. Yet, this did not affect the mood and enthusiasm of the athletes.

Most students arrived at the stadium at half past seven. Within a short time, the spectators' stand was crowded with Wahyanites. They were looking forward to the exciting competitions. After the spectators' stand was full, our Principal, Mr. Norman So, delivered his speech for the 58th Annual Athletic Meet.

At a quarter past eight, the long list of events started. The first competition was the 100m hurdles. The athletes took warm-up sessions seriously. This showed that they thought highly of the competitions. While this was going on, the high jump and long jump events were taking place on the other side of the field. All the competitors tried their best to obtain a better score for their classes. The whole stadium was overwhelmed with excitement and cheers, especially when they applauded to give encouragement to the weaker competitors to finish the races. This does not only demonstrated the sportsmanship of the competitors and spectators, but also indicated the spirit of Wah Yan: Be a man for others.

The climaxes of the day were the 4 X 100m and 4 X 400m. All the students applauded to give support to their classmates. This was sign of their teamwork and friendship. As the events came to the end, our Principal and the Chairman of the Past Student Association presented the prizes to the winners.

Students got excellent results in this year's Athletic Meet. Not only did the winners got the prizes, but the losers also gained valuable experience. These were really the fruit of efforts of students. The Athletic Meet was really successful this year. We would like to thank our Principal, teachers, prefects, scouts and workers for putting a lot of effort towards the Athletic Meet. Let's hope the Athletic Meet be equally successful next year.

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