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  Inter-School Swimming Championships
By Kwok Yui Kei


On 16th October, 2000, the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool was full of excellent swimmers coming from many different schools as it was the officially 2000-01 Inter-school Swimming Championship Division One. With our good performance last year, we continued in this spirit and took part in Division One this year.

At 8:00 a.m., we had already arrived at the swimming pool. We all felt excited but nervous as our competitors are the top swimmers in Hong Kong. Also, we worried about our overall results because our team captain, Kwok Yui Kei's arm was injured and he could not take part in this contest.

After the warm-up exercises, the first call for 100m Breast Stroke C Grade was announced through the loudspeakers, which marked the start of the contest.

With hard work and good training, Wong Kay Wai of grade C, Wu Benjamin and Lau King Man of grade B, Wong Ka Ki of grade A entered the finals in different events. Our results in relays were satisfactory as our B and C Grade medley relay team and A Grade free style relay team got into the finals.

Overall, our swimmers preformed very well. Our common target was to stay in Division One. We ranked 9th after Day 1.


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