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  Football Team
By Leslie Chow, Captain

Last year was a disappointing year for the football team, we were unfortunately relegated to division 2. This year our team spirit was very high, together with the vigorous practices, we proved that we shouldn't be the one in division 2. In other words, we were promoted to division 1 in the coming year, the 'Lion' has awakened!

The aim that we were going to archive this year was very clear in the beginning of September-return to the division 1. In order to archive this, we could do nothing except practices. I felt so encouraging that the team spirit was not beaten by the failure of last year. Conversely, the whole team practiced sufficiently to prevent the same thing happened again this year.

The arrangement of the competition date this year was different from the last few years which the competition dates for A, B and C grades are synchronal. Instead, the competition for the A grade team started from 8/10 to 30/11 in 2000 while the competition for the B and C grade team started from 4/2 to 31/3 in 2001. In fact, the arrangement was better for the C grade team which was consisted of form 1 and 2 students, since they could have more time to practice as they were newly formed.

The A grade team was strong, experienced and highly co-operated, we aimed for the champion of this grade. We practiced once a week but could never have the full team because some of our members were busy for preparing the A-level examination. While all the members were highly equipped for the competition, we lost the first match due to the lack of concentration. However, we were quickly recovered and won the following three matches. We drew the next two due to the problem of injuries and won the last match. We came second out of 8 schools with disappointment.

The B grade team preformed well also. They practiced hard and had a result of 1 win, 2 draws and 2 loses in the first 5 matches. The final match is the most important one because if they won, we could get enough points to get back to division 1. With great expectation, they won the last match, they did it and came to the fourth out of 7 teams.

The C grade team was strong and skillful also, they did pretty well in the competition too. The attacking of the team was powerful, they scored 15 goals in 6 matches. They won 3 matches, drew 1 match and lost 2 matches at the end. They came third out of 7 teams.

After all the competition, we got the overall first runner-up. That means we would be back to division 1 together with South Island School in the coming academic year.

As the captain of the team, I am proud of all the members in the football teams. They are full of enthusiasm in playing football. Although the practices were hard, they practiced seriously and disciplinary. They had conquered the harsh practices and surely deserved the fruitful result-back to the division 1. By this chance, I would like to thank Mr. Tang for his valuable advises, serious training and utmost help in our performances. Without him we would never perform that well. Lastly, I hope improvement could be made in the following years and finally become the champion of division 1!

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