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  Altar Society of St. John Berchmans
By Herbert Law, Chairman

Altar Society of St. John Berchmans was established in 1958, together with St. Ignatius Chapel, have 43 years in the history of Wah Yan. This year, we entered a new era, not only do we step into 2001, we also have a new spiritual advisor, Rev. George Zee, S.J., replacing Rev. Stephen Chow, S.J., who decides to continue further studies. Although a great change was made to us, the aim of our society does not fade. Under the guidance of our new advisor, we are committed to follow the spirit of our patron, St. John Berchmans, to learn the spirit of obedience, hard work and perfect sacrifice. This is also the ultimate will of every altar server of our Society. We are determined to serve Mass with all our hearts and our souls.

We started the year with an incredible Orientation Day in September, in which 15 Form one Catholics decided to join us. Thanks to God for giving us these fifteen lovely and talented little altar servers. The number of new comers was really encouraging. This makes our Society become stronger and stronger, with over 50 members and observers. It's really a record to have so many Form one new comers, we look ahead to a bright future. In December, we had a Christmas gifting. It is a gift from God to bring us together. Besides, we also had our annual picnic. We went for cycling this year. There was also the traditional Summer Camp in summer. These are all about our recreational activities. Certainly we should have to serve our Masses from Mondays to Sundays throughout the whole year. For the formation programmes, we had liturgical training scheme and sharing sessions in our general meetings. All these activities enable us to improve the relationships between our members and get closer to God.

The Altar Society is different from other clubs, because our close relationships and harmony are based on our response to the Lords' calling in sacrifice and love that we share.

Lastly, I would like to appreciate the enthusiasm and participation of the members. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Rev. George Zee, S.J., and also Rev. Stephen Chow, S.J. for their endless support.

May God bless us all!

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