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By Kwok James Tsz Kwan, Choirmaster and Principal Conductor

Time goes very fast. This is already the 5th year of Catholic Choir. We are a group of enthusiasts of sacred music. Through singing hymns, we spread the Good News of our Lord to the Wahyanites as well as to others in the society, both Catholics and non-Catholics. We have 13 choir members this academic year, 3 of them are new recruited F.1 members.

Once there are liturgies in the school, we act as the leaders to help schoolmates to participate the masses and liturgies deeply through singing hymns. To sing the hymns sweetly and beautifully, frequent practices are held in St. Ignatius Chapel. Apart from hymn practices, we also share our faith during practices.

Traditionally, we have 2 annual outdoor services: the Christmas Caroling in Kwong Wah Hospital and participation in masses hosted by Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong in Hong Kong Stadium. By singing carols and hymns to the sick and those who haven't heard the name of God with other scared music enthusiasts from different parishes, we not only enrich our singing performance, but also let more and more people know our Almighty God.

"Once there are two people gather together in the name of Jesus, Jesus stays with them." This year we start organizing "Taiz Prayer Gathering". (Taiz has a history in Wah Yan for 4 years. In the past, the Gathering was hosted by Rev. Stephen Chow, S.J..) Taiz is the name of a village in Southern France, which is a famous place of pilgrimage for youths since 1960s. During the Gathering, participants sir in front of hundreds of candles and sings short chants continuously in order to meet the Lord and our heart in the deepest. There are about 30 students and teachers who pray together in the Gatherings.

Here I would like to express our gratefulness to Rev. Thomas Leung, S.J. and our spiritual advisor, Miss Agnes Tsoi as well as other teachers for their invaluable advice and encouragement. Special thanks to Mrs Leung, the secretary of the Chapel, for the support on the Gatherings and general practices. We are also grateful to those who dedicate their time to attend the Gatherings and practices. And, special thanks to the F.5 and F.7 members for their dedication to the Choir.

Last but not least, thank you O Lord, Your Blessing to the Choir for the past 5 years. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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