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By Chan Chun Man Vincent, Co-ordinator

The Christian Life Community (CLC), formerly called the Sodality of Our Lady, was founded by a Jesuit, John Leunis, in 1563. It changed to its present name in 1967. Today it has already evolved into a world-wide organization. The Wah Yan Kowloon Christian Life Community is a member of the Hong Kong Christian Life Community.

The Christian Life Community in Wah Yan College, Kowloon, unlike other clubs and committees, is a small group of students who come together to live a community life. Moreover, we share our experience with each other and grow in Christ. Most of us are enthusiastic Catholic students of the school.

The shortage of members was always a serious problem. But this year, we have a great success on it. We had recruited a total of 11 new members from F1-4. This has alleviated the problem.

This year, we had regular meetings every Saturday morning. Also, we had masses in the last week of each month as the highlights of meetings. We had games, discussion on topics, bible and life sharing, etc this year in order to lead a real Christian life through learning from others' opinions and experience. Moreover, we had several outings. We visited the grave of Mr. Tsui, the founder of WYK. It is really a memorable experience. We also had picnics, Christmas and Easter celebration. We did also join Wah Yan College, Hong Kong and HKCLC to have meetings, retreats and formation camp.

Finally, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Father Sean, S.J., Miss Shum, Maria, and Mr. Chu, Matthew. We have had a great and peaceful year under their guidance and valuable advice. Also, I would like to thank our members for their helps and participation in the community.

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