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By Ho Kai Huen, Peter, President

The Seat Of Wisdom, a praesidium of the Legion of Mary, has just walked through the 15th year in the history of Wah Yan. In the past year, we held 40 weekly meetings and did various assignments, some were for sanctifying others, and some were for getting ourselves prepared for greater challenges.

In our short history of 15th year, we had times of success, and times of difficulties. Once we had so many people in our praesidium that we had to split into two praesidia. However in the past few years, the new praesidium has been dismissed because of insufficient members. Our team spirit went lower and lower. For many times, we had problems on choosing officers for the coming years. Recruitment was becoming more and more difficult. These difficulties make us less active in doing the work of sanctifying others, which is the ultimate goal of the Legion of Mary.

It is a fact that there are less people in our school willing to carry this heavy cross to be a Legionary. It may be a danger to our praesidium, but we reckon this as an opportunity. Because we have just a few people in the preasidium, we are able to get closer with one another easier. In fact, we have our brotherhood getting better this year. We hope we shall have a high spirit in short future, then we can do better in sanctifying others.

We should give our greatest thank to Mr. Ng and Mrs. Fletcher, our spiritual leaders, for their untiring support and invaluable advice. We should also thank one another for the support given to the praesidium. Lastly, besides working hard for a better future, we believe that God will pave the best way for us, and we shall always remember to thank God for this.

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