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  Christmas Celebration
By Julius Yu

Christmas is a gracious moment celebrating the birth of Jesus. In this school year, before Christmas holiday, the Catholic Association held a Christmas celebration in the school hall.

After the students were settled, the celebration started with a speech by our principal, Mr. Norman So.

Then, a drama organized by the Catholic Association brought the climax of the celebration. It was all about an experience of a Wah Yan boy, from a never-do-well to a devotee, from the dumps to a generous person. The drama was first set in a scene of a rave party. The boy, under the effects of drugs, fought with the others and soon was sent to hospital. There, he met an old Wah Yan boy and was influenced by his words. Returning to school, he became generous and devoted himself in saving a kid's life.

In the show, teachers stared at the funny events introduced. Students were amused; however, at the same time, they learned a precious lesson of the spirit of the boy. After that, our assistant principal, Mr. Yue, was invited to perform with his harmonica. He played it so well that he received waves of applause and cheers.

What followed was a talk given by Father Zee. He made several points about the deeper meanings of Christmas. He also greeted all and suggested to have reviews before the New Year. Students were given christmas cards. They wrote greetings on it and gave it to a friend of their choice. The hall was soon obsessed with an atmosphere of kindness.

The Christmas celebration ended in a happy mood, to everyone it was definitely a joyful event.

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